GeoThermal Power Plants Turbine and Generator Maintenance

GeoThermal Power Plants Turbine and Generator Maintenance Repair

Steam turbines and generators and auxiliaries A, B and C maintenance are carried out with our fully equipped tool containers.

• Maintenance Tasks in Steam Turbines

Disassembly-assembly of high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure rotors,
Maintenance of high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure stages,
Maintenance of the main lubrication gear unit,
Disassembly and maintenance of steam-tight seals,
Control of turbine outer and inner casings axial and radial adjustment chambers,
NDT application on rotor blades,
Gland steam sealing system to control the diameter of labyrinths and replace them with new ones if necessary,
Checking bed oil sealing labyrinths and replacing them with new ones if necessary,
Test assembly of gland casings and turbine casings, blend control with half-blueprint and, if necessary,
Making and practicing Bearing Blueprint tests,
Performing and evaluating rotor lead testing, making radial and axial settings, mounting, maintaining radial and axial stator-rotor clearance protocol values,
Disassemble, maintain, compensate, inspect, assemble,
Inspection and maintenance of lubrication oil and lifting gear unit,
Main oil tank maintenance,
Oil filtration with turbine oil change and mobile filtration unit,
Maintenance of fixed and movable wings,
Turbine coupling setting,
Elimination of vibration problems
Rotor on-site balancing,
Sandblasting of rotor and movable fixed blades.

• Maintenance done to the steam generator

Rotor disassembly and assembly
Exciter disassembly maintenance and installation,
Disassembly of generator covers,
Disassembly and maintenance of hydrogen sealing rings,
Generator winding control and change,
Control of stator shafts,
Dismantling and maintenance of insulation fibers,
Adjustment of coupling between turbine low pressure stage and generator,
Disassembly, maintenance and pressure testing of generator coolers,
Megger test,
Performing air tightness tests with air,
Bed NDT construction,
Taking bed measurements.